Build custom forms without the engineering lift.

Basin automagically collects form submissions, blocks spam, sends email notifications, and triggers integrations with connected apps — saving you the hassle of building and maintaining your own API.

Automations triggered by form submissions to Basin forms
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Works out of the box with all your favorite tools and frameworks.

Basin accepts submissions from static sites, no-code projects, Jamstack apps, Webflow forms, Wordpress, and more! No dependencies, special libraries, or extra configuration needed.

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Build your forms your way

Don't get stuck with form builder defaults. Create on-brand forms in the frontend and manage backend processes with just a few simple clicks.

Custom forms

HTML or Javascript, POST or AJAX — we inheret your CSS and collect any type of data.

Custom redirects

Send people to custom, branded thank you and error pages instead of our defaults.

Custom email templates

Add your brand logo and colors to our notification and auto-response templates or code your own.

Custom domains

Send notifications and autoresponses through your own domain to maintain brand consistency.

No more manual spam scrubbing

All our form endpoints provide automatic submission validation and multiple layers of spam protection, so you can enjoy a squeaky clean inbox again.

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Our own intelligent machine learning API spam filter.

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Google reCAPTCHA

Visible or invisible — it stops spam either way.



Reliable bot detection that's human friendly.

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Supports standard _gotcha and custom names.

Enjoy reliable email delivery

Emails triggered by new form submissions should arrive immediately — not eventually. We’ve partnered with Postmark to make sure they get there fast.



Avg. 4.85s



Avg. 105.43s



Avg. 7.42s



Avg. 5.36s



Avg. 5.77s

* Time to inbox data updated every 5 minutes

Get your data where it needs to be

Automate workflows and send your form submissions to popular apps and services through webhooks and direct integrations with Zapier, Slack, and more.

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Manage everything in one place

Create projects, invite team members, and configure all your form backend features from a simple, human-friendly dashboard.

Submission inbox

View, share, and manage your form submissions.

File storage

Store and access up to 10GB of files and images.

Data export

Download form submission data to a CSV or JSON file.

Form sharing

Give your clients or team members access.

Data retention

Set rules for how long to store form submission data.

Domain restriction

Only allow form submissions from approved domains.

Form analytics

Monitor your form traffic and conversion rates.

GDPR compliance

Send data receipt emails automatically.

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