Build forms that work, without all the work.

Basin is a complete backend automation platform for codeless submission handling, processing, filtering, and routing.

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Join 25,000+ engineers, designers, and no coders and build better form experiences faster

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Built for Scale

Build your forms your way

Basin fits seamlessly into your existing workflow and makes building and scaling forms faster — without forcing you to learn any new frameworks, languages, or tools.

HTML forms

Just set your form’s action to our endpoint. No extra server code required.

JavaScript forms

Use BasinJS to build custom form experiences with full frontend control.

Basin API

Programmatically create and configure Basin forms from the CLI.

Form builder

A fast, flexible no code way to build shareable hosted and embeddable forms.

Basin is wonderfully simple and fits my use case perfectly. I make my page/form in React, and send signups to them via an API. Perfect!

Felipe Hlibco
Felipe HlibcoDeveloper Relations Engineer, Google
Plug and play

Works with all the things

Basin accepts form submits from any source — static sites, no code projects, jamstack apps, Webflow, Wordpress, and more! No dependencies or special libraries to install, and zero extra configuration required.

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As a no code freelancer, Basin is totally a must have tool. It really helps me out with handling lead gen forms. Absolutely easy set up within Webflow. It works like a charm!

MartinWebflow Designer
Automatic protection

Say goodbye to spam

You're too busy to sift through unwanted emails. Our endpoints utilize multiple layers of protection to screen out 99.4% of spam.

Basin captchas

Easy Captchas

Enable top‑tier captchas to safeguard your forms and build user confidence.

Basin AI

Evolving AI

Use our machine learning AI spam filter to keep unwanted content at bay.

Basin hidden fields

Invisible Defenses

Protect against known bots with hidden form fields and domain restrictions.

Basin has made form building and management straightforward and easy for our agency. It catches pretty much all automated spam which saves it hitting our clients. We like happy clients. 🙌

Alex Dixon
Alex DixonCofounder, Riot & Rebel
Superb deliverability

Reliable email delivery included

Emails triggered by new form submissions should arrive immediately — not eventually. We’ve partnered with Postmark to make sure they get there fast.



Avg. 4.85s



Avg. 105.43s



Avg. 7.42s



Avg. 5.36s



Avg. 5.77s

We're collecting lead data so the #1 most important things are reliability and speed. Notification emails are super fast and everything just works. No fuss, Basin just gets the job done!

Daniel Lang
Daniel LangCEO, Mangomint
Integrate Anywhere

Connect to the tools you use

Spare yourself from the same ol' manual grind. Hook your Basin forms up to tools like Zapier, Pipedrive, Slack, and more to automate tasks and get the workflow going with every new form submission.

I get to do what I do best and Basin handles all the backend logic for me. Quick setup and easy integrations make it a no brainer for any form data collection. 11/10 — Basin definitely goes to 11.

Kristopher Bolleter
Kristopher BolleterUI Engineer
Improve Efficiency

Manage everything in one place

Save time by avoiding tool-switching and maintain the ability to grow and adapt your form automation needs with a single, scalable platform.

Submission inbox

View, share, and manage your form submissions.

File uploads

Store and access up to 10GB of files and images.

Auto responses

Instantly follow-up with people who submit.

Event logs

Review submission processing and track errors.

Custom redirects

Send submitters to your own success and error pages.

Form sharing

Give your clients or team members access.

Data storage

Set rules for how long to store form submission data.

Custom templates

Build your own HTML emails with merge tags.

Form analytics

Monitor your form traffic and conversion rates.

Data export

Download form submission data to a CSV or JSON file.

Custom domains

Send emails through your own domain.

GDPR compliance

Send data receipt emails automatically.

Summary emails

Daily and weekly summaries of submission activity.

Custom routing

Use JavaScript to dynamically route submission data.

AJAX friendly

Accept standard requests and works cross-origin.

Multi-page support

Set up a single form on any number of pages.

Basin has made using custom, flexible forms possible for us without a massive engineering lift. It's simple, fast, and reliable.

Eric Dodds
Eric DoddsHead of Product Marketing, Rudderstack
Friendly Humans

Stellar support for everyone

Our team is always on hand to help you get set up, troubleshoot, debug, or answer any other questions you have.

Support tickets

If you submit a request, we'll typically respond in 10 minutes or less.

Video walkthroughs

When words aren't enough, we'll record and send a screenshare.

1-on-1 calls

For more advanced troubleshooting, we're happy to queue up a call.

So Basin has great support. Sent a question late last night and got a loom video response this morning answering it. 🔥

Austin Thesing
Austin ThesingDesigner + Webflow Expert

Build better form experiences faster, with less code.

Automate and scale your forms the easy way with Basin.

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