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Quote IconWe're collecting lead data, so the most important things for our business is reliablity and speed. Basin gives us both, consistently.

Daniel Lang

Daniel Lang


How are you using Basin at Mangomint?

We're using Basin for a number of different forms on our website, including the forms to book a product demo or start a free trial. When new leads submit to our demo request form, Basin sends the data to Zapier, and from there its sent to Salesforce and Pipedrive — triggering a number of different custom workflows that we've setup.

We also use Basin as a primary redundancy layer for all of our trial signups. In case something goes wrong during the onboarding process, all of the customer data is backed up in Basin.

In both cases, notifications get sent to our sales team, and they rely heavily on these emails as a way of knowing what's coming in. Sometimes Slack can get noisy and SFDC doesn't easily surface new records fast enough. Basin has been a fast and reliable means of mitigating those issues.

Have you tried any other form backend tools?

No, we haven't really touched other tools. We looked at Formspree and a few other options when we first had the need, but we could easily tell Basin was going to do everything we needed it to. And not only that, but the fact that you guys are so engaged with support and product improvement made Basin that much more appealing.

What challenges has Basin helped you overcome?

Building landing pages with functional forms used to take lot more time and effort on the development side. With Basin, now we don't have to monitor and maintain any APIs, figure out how to store entries, build some kind of way to send emails reliably, filter out spam, or trigger webooks and other integrations with connected apps — it's all done for us automatically.

Less form development and maintenance overhead means more time and resources for product, and that's a big win.

You can learn more about Mangomint by visiting their website here.

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