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Quote IconSince implementing Basin, we don't have to worry so much about manually qualifying real people vs. bots. It's been a great solution for us.

David Bitton

David Bitton


How are you using Basin at Doorloop?

We're using Basin to filter out any potential spam submissions on our affiliate program sign up form. It's been a great way to more efficiently sort through our submissions and qualify potential affiliates without our inbox getting bogged down by bots. Implemention was simple and straightforward, and we were able to reap the benefits almost immediately.

What were you doing to fight spam before Basin?

Our website is built on the Wix CMS platform, but the built-in spam protection for their forms just wasn't keeping up with the volume of bot submissions we were receiving. So we needed to find an efficient and reliable way to filter through all of our submissions.

Google reCAPTCHA helped to a degree, but we also noticed it disuaded real people from submitting to our forms. We figured there had to be a better solution out there, and that's when we found Basin.

How has switching to Basin impacted your business?

Our affiliate program is much more efficient and easier to manage. Collecting submissions and responding to prospective affiliate partners has become much faster since we started using Basin. We spend a lot less time on administrative work and more time on building those affiliate relationships, which is a big win for our bottom line.

Our overall experience with Basin has been great: it has functioned exactly as promised and the ease of use and instant implementation make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to make their spam filtering processes better without wasting time or resources.

You can learn more about Doorloop by visiting their website here.

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