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Riot & Rebel is a UK-based pay monthly website provider for sole traders and small businesses. They specialize in making professional, affordable websites that give their clients a strong online presence, helping them reach more customers and grow their business.

Quote IconWe've seen no major issues or downtime since we started using Basin for our agency and many client sites. Very reliable product.

Alex Dixon

Alex Dixon


How are you using Basin at Riot & Rebel?

We use Basin on our client sites which are typically created through Webflow. The integrations are pretty simple, just using the endpoint to receive form submissions which then notify our clients via email. For a lot of our smaller sites we use our own hosting in conjunction with Basin, as opposed to using Webflow's cloud hosting. We tend to use javascript to surface the Webflow success message after submission, rather than using the redirect.

Pretty much all our use cases are generic contact and enquiry forms on client sites for capturing leads. Occasionally we create something like a questionnaire, quotation or job application form with file upload functionality. Most of the form integrations use reCAPTCHA and honeypot. Most clients are happy just receiving email notifications, but the dashboard is very useful to the ones that use it.

What made Basin standout from other tools?

It was really easy to integrate with, had well thought out features, provided good documentation, and was competitively priced. We needed a solution that was flexible enough to suit a variety of different client requriements and didn't break the bank at scale.

Many of the other form backend tools we tried had limited options around email notifications and lacked key flexibility and support for things we needed like file uploads and custom honeypot fields. Basin gave us all those things in one simple, easy to use form management tool.

Who would you recommend Basin to?

If you're an agency or web professional that wants to make form management straightforward and easy for you and your clients, give Basin a shot. It's very reliable — we've experienced no major issues or downtime since we started using it. Emails are delivered fast and it catches pretty much all automated spam, which saves a lot time and keeps clients happy.

You can learn more about Riot & Rebel by visiting their website here.

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