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Quote IconIf a client doesn't have an existing backend, we're using Basin, period. It's the best form endpoint solution out there.

TJ Kohli

TJ Kohli

Creative Director

How are you using Basin at Monogram?

Basin is our go to endpoint solution for all forms on our client websites. It's a lot of tedious work to create and manage your own custom endpoints, even if the end result is always the same. We'd rather invest the time and resources into other, more technically challenging issues, so offloading that work to Basin is a really easy decision.

New forms are ready to accept submissions in a matter of minutes. We can configure spam protection options, customize the brand experience with templates and redirects, and integrate with other apps to route submission data anywhere it needs to go. Basin literally does it all for us.

Have you tried any other form endpoint products?

Aside from coding our own endpoints, we used Formspree for a bit. Back then their UX and developer experience wasn't all that great, so we kept looking and eventually found Basin. I'm sure Formspree and other products in the space have gotten better, but we're all in on Basin. It's beautiful, affordable, fast, reliable, and customizable. And the team has been very responsive to our evolving needs over the years.

What challenges has Basin helped you overcome?

Even though we're setting up forms for our clients, Basin makes it easy to share access so they can view submissions and adjust settings if they need to. We tend to take care of the more technical things like editing custom email templates and configuring custom webhooks, but clients can very easily add additional emails to send submission notifications to and adjust spam protection settings on the fly.

Thanks to Basin, we don't worry about form endpoints anymore and get to put all our focus towards building great websites for our clients.

You can learn more about Monogram by visiting their website here.

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