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Simple Focus is a happy team of digital product and interface design specialists. They're a multi-local agency, with offices in Memphis and Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Portland, Oregon.

Quote IconBasin takes all of the drama out of notification email delivery and reliability — you literally just set it and forget it.

Ashton Lance

Ashton Lance

Director of Development

How are you using Basin at Simple Focus?

We use Basin to deliver email notifications and filter out spam submissions for lead generation forms on our customers' marketing websites, and it's been an integral part of our customer tooling for the past couple of years. Every time we setup a new form for a customer, we know Basin is going to reliably do its thing in the background and free us up for more fun and challenging work.

What were you using before Basin?

Prior to Basin we were using another form backend product called Formkeep. It had the basic feature set we were looking for, but the spam filtering wasn't very consistent and the admin panel wasn't all that intuitive. It wasn't a great customer experience, so when Formkeep raised their prices we determined the value was just not there and started looking for an alternative solution.

Basin aligns really well with our fundamental beliefs about the work we do. At its core, our work is intuitive to use, technically reliable and strategically sound. And as a product, that's what Basin is — intuitive to use, technically reliable and strategically sound.

Why does Basin work for you?

Basin is really flexible. We work on all kinds of projects: think marketing and e-commerce sites, mobile apps, internal applications, vision-setting projects, and 1200 sq. ft. semi-trailers with interactive exhibits inside. Whenever we need a form, we can hook it up to Basin and have everything configured and working in a matter of minutes. That's what we call good UX, and good UX is good for business.

You can learn more about Simple Focus by visiting their website here.

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