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Loft17 helps businesses in need of a creative kick with design, web, and advertising solutions. Their small team specializes in everything from print to digital with offices in Waterloo and Guelph, Ontario.

Quote IconBasin provides an easy to use form solution that lets us focus on designing and developing products for our clients.

Tome Beke

Tom Beke

Creative Director

How are you using Basin at Loft17?

We use Basin to setup and configure forms on the marketing websites we build for our clients. Every project is different, and Basin's flexibility makes it a really good fit for our needs. We take full advantage of the ability to control the brand experience from form frontend all the way to email templates, and that's been a huge plus for us and the organizations we work with.

What were you using before Basin?

Simple "mailto" links were our go-to for a long time, mainly due to the fact that we hadn't found a robust, reliable and affordable "email as a service" solution to run the custom forms on the static sites were were building for clients. We tested and tried a number of tools including Formspree, Getform, Formcarry, and KwesForms, but Basin came out on top in terms of functionality, performance, design, and price.

Why does Basin work for you?

It's definitely sped up the process of implementing custom forms for us, that's for sure. It's quick to setup, works with whatever tech stack we choose to use, and is performant, private, and secure. We've been really impressed with how the team operates too. Basin is rarely ever down, and if there is an incident, they are transparent and on top of it.

The reality is Basin's simplicity and feature richness allows us to focus on designing and developing products for our clients. We know it's there when it's time to implement and we know it will work well.

You can learn more about Loft17 by visiting their website here.

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