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KIT helps businesses acheive rapid and sustainable growth through paid search and social media advertising. They use psychology, technology and design to turn marketing websites into lead generation machines.

Quote IconFrom capturing leads to sending notifications and connecting to third-party platforms, Basin is a crucial part of our business.

Kaitlyn Florian

Kaitlyn Florian


How are you using Basin at KIT?

As a PPC marketing agency, we focus on driving leads for our clients and utilize Basin as a central part of that workflow. The majority of websites we build are running on CraftCMS, and setting up form templates to connect to Basin endpoints is a breeze. Once the lead comes in, Basin handles all the things we used to have to spend time creating custom backend form handling and validation scripts for.

What were you using before Basin?

We used to run our own custom coded backend to handle form submissions for our client projects. The biggest problem with managing your own code is having to manage your own code. Building integrations for multiple third-party applications was tedious and updates to client projects took a lot of time because we had to conduct tests and troubleshoot prior to deployment.

We looked at a few different form backend products, but most didn't allow for control over who had access to form settings. Since we work with a variety of clients, that feature was important to us. During our search, another developer I knew recommened Basin as a simple and cost effective solution to these problems, so here we are.

Why does Basin work for you?

It's super easy to setup and inegrate with other tools in our lead generation workflow, and offers great value for the price. We spend way less time doing tedious backend work and managing forms, and instead use that time to optimize results and deliver value for our clients.

Basin's support is amazing too, which is something we really value. The team has always been quick to respond to questions and even added a feature based on our specific needs! Great product, great team, great value.

You can learn more about KIT by visiting their website here.

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