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Quote IconBasin has made using custom, flexible forms possible for us without a massive engineering lift. It's simple, fast, and reliable.

Eric Dodds

Eric Dodds

Head of Product Marketing

How are you using Basin at Rudderstack?

First, we use Basin to process and route form submits on our website. We track those same form submits with RudderStack's client-side JavaScript SDK, but having the Basin endpoint process the payload as well adds a layer of redundancy just in case anything happens in the browser (slow internet, browser error, etc.).

Additionally, we use Basin as the source for lead creation payloads for Salesforce, which is where all of our leads are processed. Because Basin is more reliable and we don't need the context of the client-side payload, this ensures durability for lead creation, which is key for our business.

What did you do before Basin?

In the past, we used everything from WordPress plugins to Webflow forms, as well as our own custom code. Tracking good data on different kinds of forms with different instrumentation is maddening and made worse by things like Google Tag Manager.

We're big on clean analytics and tracking — that's what our company provides, but managing the frontend was always nightmare. Inconsistent data, constant troubleshooting and inflexibility lead to significant manual labor for form creation and maintenance, and it just wasn't sustainable.

Ultimately, we wanted to replicate the idea of sending a server-side payload on a form submit, but in the frontend of our statically generated site. We didn't want to build that ourselves, but still needed a super simple, highly flexible tool. And that search led us to Basin.

Why did you choose Basin over other tools?

It's so simple and easy to use. There's no fancy frontend junk to deal with or opinionated views — just an endpoint to collect form submit payloads. Integration flexibility has been invaluable too, especially on the webhook side. Since we can connect it directly to Rudderstack, we know we're getting reliable lead capture and data routing on every form submit.

And the best part is I never have to think about it — it just runs in the background. The ability to create new endpoints so easily allows our teams to move fast, even across multiple web projects. It's an amazing product run by an amazing team, and an invaluable asset in our day-to-day operations.

You can learn more about Rudderstack by visiting their website here.

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