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A backend for your Webflow forms

Use Basin to collect form submissions on exported sites.

Seamlessly integrate with your existing stack

Basin works with whatever tools you're using to develop your static sites, web apps, and more. Simply update your form action attribute and start accepting submissions.

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Never lose another submission again

View all of your form submissions from a secure, intuitive dashboard. Filter submissions using full text search and delete any old data you no longer need.

Take ownership of your form experience

Add a custom logo and color palette to notification emails that match your brand, or write your own custom templates. Setup custom redirects and personalized auto response messages to form submissions too.

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Connect your tools and automate like a boss

Use our webhooks, Integromat, or Zapier integrations to connect your forms to popular applications and services. Forward your submission data and automate your workflows without writing any extra lines of code.

Put privacy and security on autopilot

All data sent and received through Basin endpoints is safely handled and processed with 256-bit encryption. Provide data receipt emails and set submission retention period to maintain GDPR compliance with a single click.

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Decentralize your submission data

Create view-only collaborator accounts in your dashboard and give clients or team members access to form submission data. Automatically forward submission notification emails to multiple email addresses.

And more useful features every form backend should have

Unlimited endpoints

Make all the form endpoints for all the web projects. We're not counting.

Flexible controls

Collect any type of form control for any type of form. You can change on the fly too.

Instant notifications

Get nicely formatted emails with complete submission details sent directly to your inbox.

Accessible data

View submissions via your secure dashboard, or export to CSV or JSON formats.

Spam protection

Say hello to a clean inbox. Annoying spam emails are filtered automatically.

AJAX friendly

Get fancy with full AJAX support. Our endpoints work cross origin by default too.

Multi-page usage

Display your forms at multiple paths on a single domain. Extra config not required.

Smart search

Filter through submissions using our simple full text search. If the data exists, we show it.

Working HTML forms in any tech stack

Write less code and get more done with Basin.

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