Introducing hCaptcha — A privacy-focused spam solution

At Basin, we fully understand the need for user privacy. Our service is built from the ground up with this in mind. Your data is your data, and we want you to be in control of it and to understand how we are processing and storing it. On the web this is a multi-faceted issue, and there are numerous touchpoints where tracking can occur. One of the main concerns with Google is the number of touchpoints they control across the web. They are able to piece together a large and detailed picture of what's happening across many services.

We are happy to announce hCaptcha support. hCaptcha is a privacy-focused alternative to Google's reCaptcha. This represents another touchpoint where end-user privacy can be protected now. hCaptcha works with both the visible and invisible options. Some users depending on their risk level will still be presented with a visible challenge even though you've implemented the invisible solution. hCaptcha is an excellent way to reduce spam and increase privacy for your web forms.

Switching to use hCaptcha to protect your form backend is simple. The two services are API compatible, which basically means you can change all references from "g-recaptcha" to "h-captcha" and things should just work after including their javascript instead of Google's. But don't worry, we've also included this new service in our docs.

If you have a privacy-focused feature request or idea, we would love to hear it.

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