Build Interactive Forms With Excel, Appizy, and Basin

Appizy is the perfect tool to easily build an interactive quotation form or similar form requiring some calculations. With Appizy you can turn an Excel spreadsheet into an interactive form and collect customer leads through Basin. All that without any developer skill!

What kind of spreadsheet can be converted with Appizy?

Appizy supports the majority of Excel and OpenOffice functions. There are some limitations like pivotal tables or macros, but it already allows users to create a wide variety of tools.

As an example, we can think of a real estate insurance company willing to add a contact form on its website. Instead of a basic form (name, phone number, email), we can build something more interesting for the visitor: asking the size of the property, the number of rooms, and the year of construction. Then our tools give the visitor a quotation and ask for the name and phone number to get more information.

What are the best practices when it comes to spreadsheet conversion?

A spreadsheet as not much size limit. It can extend a lot in terms of columns and rows! Now thinks about a website or mobile… space can be quite limited. The first hint is to organize the content in a vertical way.

Another good practice is to separate the user interface from data and calculations. The first tab contains all text, input, and outputs. It is what the end-user will see later. In another tab, we organize the data (for example the list of construction years for the cell validity in B8). When the calculator is ready to be converted this tab is hidden. Thus it will not appear in the final tool. With such an organization the calculator is easy to maintain for further updates.

How to integrate an Appizy web app with Basin

Let's look at a quotation tool example. Download the Quotation Tool Spreadsheet Example to follow along. The setup to send data to Basin is three steps.

Step 1
First, you need to name the cell in the spreadsheet that you want to collect data from. In the example, we named “surface” the cell B4. The operation is repeated for every cell we would like to receive in Basin.

Excel named cell.png 1.08 MB

Step 2
Get the form endpoint URL from the Basin dashboard. 

Step 3
Finally, we copy this URL in the conversion settings of Appizy. Still, in Appizy, select the “Send data button” in the Toolbar settings. This will add the Send button to the web form. After conversion, the form is ready to collect data in Basin. It can be downloaded and added to any kind of website.

Appizy setup.png 275.71 KB

All the settings presented are accessible starting from the PRO plan of Appizy, but you can also test different configurations with the sample apps proposed on the converter website.

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