Introducing Basin JS: a No Code Solution

At Basin, we've finally developed a really simple no code solution that allows you to capture form submissions (leads) via AJAX giving you complete control over the user experience.
Why did we develop this tool? Well, it took some time, but we started reviewing our support logs and the Webflow forums. It became very clear that we needed to address something. Here is a short list of queries that came up when reviewing the forums and our support log: 
  1. Form submissions to third-party service with native interactions
  2. How to require recaptcha when using Basin form integration?
  3. Any Suggestions on Replacing Exported Forms of Webflow due to GDPR?
  4. Form submissions to third-party service with native interactions
  5. Configurations for Webflow Forms on Exported Sites
  6. Hosting externally - sitemap and form
  7. Avoiding Bots on a Form
  8. Does Invisible reCaptcha work with webflow? How can i make it work?
  9. Contact Forms on exported code
  10. How to send Webflow form data to other parties without Zapier, ex. Hubspot
Notice the trend? Enter Basin JS:
  1. Allow customers to submit multiple forms without leaving the page
  2. Protect your form submission data from spam
  3. No code required
Basin JS allows you to hookup your form to Basin from anywhere. The script is essentially a no code solution to many cumbersome details. Basin JS will:
  1. Add Google reCAPTCHA
  2. Submit your form to Basin via AJAX
  3. Display the success (or error) divs
Basin JS is also configured to work with Webflow "out of the box" by default. We have some Webflow specific setup instructions in our docs, but Basin JS doesn't require Webflow at all. You can use Basin JS anywhere. IE:
  • Create custom Shopify contact or lead forms 
  • Create custom Wordpress contact or lead forms
  • Etc.
Basin JS will also work with any static site generation tool such as:
  1. Jekyll
  2. Hugo
  3. Gridsome
  4. Eleventy (11ty)
  5. Pelican
  6. Next.js
  7. Gatsby
  8. Nuxt
  9. Hexo
  10. Slate
  11. Astro
  12. Etc.
Checkout out the Basin JS docs for more details, and please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or feedback. We'd love to hear from you!

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