How to Forward Gravity Forms Submissions to Basin with Webhooks

This is a quick guide that shows you how to forward your WordPress Gravity Forms submissions to Basin. Basin provides many features out of the box and saves you from the configuration headaches usually associated with WordPress. 

Getting Started

We will need a few things in order for all of this to work. Before we proceed, make sure:
1. The Gravity Forms plugin is installed with the Elite License plan. Learn more about installing Gravity Forms here.
2. The Gravity Forms Webhooks Add-On. (We will show you how to add this)
3. A Basin account.

Assuming you have the Gravity Forms plugin installed already, we are ready to go. First, install the Gravity Forms Webhook Add-On by clicking on Forms -> Add-Ons. Then scroll down to Webhooks Add-On and click Activate.
2022-07-08_16-18.png 161.12 KB

Next, we need to go to the form we would like to forward the submissions to Basin and select Settings -> Webhooks. This will take us to the Webhooks configuration page. 
2022-07-08_16-19.png 118.5 KB

Click Add New.
2022-07-08_16-19_1.png 86.06 KB

In order to configure our Gravity Forms webhook, we will need our unique Basin form endpoint and our Account API Key.
2022-07-08_16-20.png 96.79 KB

The Account API key can be found under the avatar dropdown menu at the top right of the basin dashboard under My Account -> Basin API. 
2022-07-08_16-22.png 69.11 KB

We will plug the two values we found from the Basin dashboard into our Webhook settings as shown below. We need to preserve the submitting user's IP address so our spam filters do not think submissions are originating from a shared hosting provider or web server. This is a common source of spam abuse for us and an important way of detecting legitimate submissions.

In the next step, you will need to add a couple of custom headers. From the Name dropdown, select Add Custom Key. User IP, Origin, and Source Url should all be found in the dropdown as pre-selectable items. Origin is required in order for your "allowed domains" as configured on your Basin project does not mark these webhooks as spam either.
image.png 104.76 KB

Make sure the headers are named Basin-API-Key and Basin-True-Client-IP. Once that's configured, you're form is ready to go!
2022-07-08_16-39.png 85.05 KB

And that's all there is to it. You're ready to start forwarding all your submissions to Basin. You can now take advantage of easy spam filtering, secure submission storage, beautiful email templates and branding, and much more.

If you need help with configuring this on your WordPress site, be sure to reach out to our support and we would love to help you out.

Extra docs:
Depending on your server setup, more configuration may be required to pass the user's real IP address to Basin. Read the Gravity Forms docs about IP addresses.

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