How to Configure Your Custom Domain


We just added a new feature to Basin: custom domains!

Now the automated response emails that your clients receive can be sent from your own domain (instead of This makes your emails look legit and helps users search for and organize the emails they get from you.

This feature is only available on paid Basin accounts. Here's how you can setup a custom domain:

  1. Log in to Basin
  2. Click on the Emails tab
  3. Under the Use your own domain heading, click Manage domains
  4. Click Add a new domain
  5. Enter your domain name (for example:
  6. Follow the instructions on the page to authorize our mail server to use your domain
  7. Go make yourself a coffee
  8. Click Verify for the DKIM and Return-Path DNS records
  9. Select the domain in the dropdown list under the Use your own domain heading on the Emails page

Now you can send authentic, signed emails to your clients from your own domain!


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