Use Basin to repost submission data to other apps and services.

Configuring a webhook

If you only need to forward submission data to a single app or service, then a custom webhook is a great solution. To setup a custom webhook in Basin, go to theIntegrationspage in your form dashboard, enter your desired URL in the input field, save, and you're all set!

When a submission is received by an endpoint with a configured webhook URL, Basin will queue up a post on your behalf. If the webhook fails, we will retry up to 15 times over the course of 24-28 hours with an exponential backoff. The format of our webhooks will be exactly what we receive on the inital form submission.

Only submissions that are not flagged as spam will trigger a webhook by default. There is a checkbox to enable webhooks for all submsissions. This is an excellent strategy for bypassing any spam filtering by Basin.